Monday, February 23, 2009

exemplification essay

The peter principle

1) Comprehension

Peter since he was young he was taught that the men upstairs knew what they were doing.” The more you know, the further you go". So peter studied diligently studied and gained his teaching certificate. But to his surprise the things told in his childhood proved to be false. During his first year as a teacher he noticed that a number of teachers, school principals, supervisors, and superintendents appeared to be unaware of their professional responsibilities and incompetent in executing their duties. For example the principal's main concern were that classrooms should be quiet, that classrooms should be quiet, and that no one step on or near the rose beds. The superintendent's main concerns were that minority group should never be offended. Education was the farthest thing from administrator’s mind. When he applied for certification in another province, he sent the documents necessary which received in good condition. After few weeks they returned accompanying letter which stated that stated that the new regulation require that such forms cannot be accepted by the department of education unless they have been registered at the post office to enable safe delivery. Will you please remail the forms to the department, making sure to register them this time? This made peter think every organization contained a number of person who could not do their jobs.

The Catbird seat

1) The "new place in the society" Brinbaum occupies after his accident is unlike others. It is a place at first seems to be a really good thing but time which consider a medicine as far the condition of heart is concerned but in his case the pain is deepened with every passing movement. His wound has been reopened and it worse then before. When he was 17 got into an accident as a result was that he was disabled. His legs didn't work therefore he had to use the wheel chair. At first the disability provides great pleasure and many back doors. When he went to get the tickets of mummy strikes back , he was given privilege of breaking the queue and going into the theater even though he was the only one who had chair while others were standing in the line. He also describes his encounter with the senior and the one at the staples store. Cutting lines at DMV for the renewal of his diver's license, getting out of speed tickets, and arriving late at work without being worried was a pretty sweet deal. The other side of the coin was that he had to sit at end row of the movie he went to see which separated him from his college friends. At airport the tanned girl made him realize that "blind triumphs wheelchair; wheelchair trumps pregnant; pregnant trumps old; old trump whatever is left. In short the privilege were not worth it .

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